Aliens, star people and my dreams….

Ok so yes I know you’re all probably rolling your eyes at this post but lately I can’t help but have it on my mind. Let me explain, for the last two months I continuously have dreams regaurding native americans, star people, owls, wierd prophetic symbols and a whole bunch of other stuff. So I’m wondering how many people out there actually believe in aliens, abductions, and how much and what do you believe in?

I am certainly of the school of people who don’t deny the existence of extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe, or elsewhere in the universe for that matter. It’s pretty arrogant to think, that out of billions of universes, we are the only intelligent life forms ever created. It even says in the bible that we were not the only creations ever. Angels? Gods? I’ve done a lot of reading on these subjects because ever since I was a little girl I had this belief that maybe when they described “flying beings” they didn’t know how to say “hey these guys are able to do things that we’ve only seen birds do so we will say they have wings.” Just a thought. However strange it is that a seven-year old would think about things like that.

The native americans have lots of old stories about star people. Some I’ve heard recently from my ex because he is Hopi and Lakota. Particularly, because he was in these dreams or some relative of his was. Talking about how they know where we come from and looking up at the stars. The next moment he has wings and is flying you through the universe and when you land his eyes are completely black and you can see galaxies and stars in them. He tells you you’re gonna have a star child and that you and the child will be protected from now on. Or another dream where you’re in the middle of the desert and an old Hopi man tells you that you need to learn to live off the land and that he will teach you. He built his own house and on one wall painted purple there is a full moon with a happy, content, look on his face while he’s sleeping. Dreams where my uncle Sean who is passed away telling me about aliens and not to be afraid of them. Then I ask my mom if he ever said anything about aliens to her and she freaks out and asks how I know that.

Then my dream last night was wicked weird, It started off with aliens looking over me and they didn’t look like the aliens we always picture. These aliens had big heads and big eyes but they were silver, almost a chrome shiny. And they were really tall, like gigantic. Then the dream flashed over and some sinister, ass bird owl thing was peaking in my door and then decided to come in. This was not what I would call a nice owl. And for some reason I got the distinct impression that he was walking on long legs. Like a dwarf with an owl like head. Yes, go ahead and laugh my guy friends just did! LOL!

I wonder why this always happens. My whole life, I’ve dreamt about aliens. Weird right? I think so too. If you have any thoughts on this let me know. I just think it’s strange that all this is going on. Feel free to leave an opinion.

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2 responses to “Aliens, star people and my dreams….

  1. This was incredible to read, I have always been open minded yet never gave this subject much thought untill recent experiences fully opened my mind to it, and now I am a full believer in otherwordly beings, especially the Star People… I believe in humanity and the Earth too much to not consider that by understanding this “unknown” aspect of the origins of life, may in some way, help elevate the suffering this world has become such a large party to. I am fascinated by the fact you’ve been having these dreams your whole life and I feel that powerful and vivid dreams such as these are our way of connecting to our universal source, and it’s absolutely nothing to fear. Thank you for sharing and best of luck!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad I’m not the only one open to these things. I too believe that our dreams our connected to the higher source. My dreams are pretty crazy sometimes, I even dreamt of Zoe 3 times before she was born, and 3 more when I was pregnant and didn’t know it! So I fully believe in the power of dreams. Sometimes I just wish it were easier to understand what they’re trying to tell me. If you don’t mind my asking what were your recent experiences? I love it when I have a chance to open other people’s minds or they have experiences that open them up, although I don’t enjoy it when people are opened up by unpleasant experiences. I think it’s good to keep an open mind when it comes to anything! It’s my understanding that something like 46% of the population in the United states believes that extraterrestrials exist and the government covers it up and like 90% believe in extraterrestrials period.

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